(Scattering of cremated remains)

Burial at sea is a unique way for a loved one that had an everlasting love or nautical background for the ocean to be eternally at sea.
Our vessels sail three miles off the shores of Eastern Long Island Sound.  Once the vessel reaches the destination you can conduct your burial ceremony as you wish.  Once the service is complete you may return back to port or elect to stay on the ocean for a short cruise.
All vessels are United States Coast Guard Certified.  Vessels have indoor and outdoor seating and restrooms.  Food and beverages can also be available upon request.

Suggestions:  Flowers or wreaths may be scattered as long as they are of decomposable material.
Music may also be played at your request.
The boat will stay as long or as short as you wish.
However, a three hour minimum is required.

42 Grumpa 1-6 passengers $250.00 per hour
42 Sunbeam VI 7-20 passengers $300.00 per hour
60 Sunbeam V 20-40 passengers  $400.00 per hour
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