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Private Harbor Seal Boat Tour

Quick Details

42 Ft Boat "The Grumpa" Charter Up to 6 People | $375/hour | Min. 3 Hours
42 Ft Boat "The Sunbeam VI" Charter Up to 15 People | $425/hr | Min. 3 hours
70 Ft Boat "The Sunbeam VII" Charter $600/hr | Price is for 40 passengers | Each additional passenger over 40 is $25

Private Harbor Seal Cruise

There is a three-hour minimum on all charters.

Join us on one of our private charters on Eastern Long Island Sound as we head toward Fishers Island and Great Gull Island to observe the view of harbor seals. Our seal population will be awaiting your visit basking on rocks, waiting for the incoming tide, food, and the paparazzi to take pictures of these blubbery seals. The best time to observe seals off the coast of Connecticut is between September and May.


May – November

Food & Drink

  • Catering, boxed lunches, and beverage services available.
  • Liquor Laws prohibit guests from bringing any alcohol aboard the Sunbeam.
  • We can gladly supply you with beverages (water, soda, and beer) and boxed lunches upon request at shore-side prices.

More Info

  • A customary gratuity of 18% – 20% is not included in our rates.
  • The captain reserves the right to modify or cancel any trip due to inclement weather.
  • We ask upon returning to the dock that all passengers disembark immediately. Otherwise, the customer will be charged based on half-hour increments.